I applied to the program after I applied to the Hull-York WP program and despite getting rejected from there I was accepted into the Access to Leeds program. After being accepted I believed I had a chance to be accepted onto a summer school program. I thought I didn’t have anything to lose. Plus, I am doing DofE gold, and this would have counted as my residential towards this award.


The highlight of the program was our evening in Cardiff Bay, eating at a restaurant and having a few games at bowling. I also loved the rounders game the ambassadors put on one night as I haven’t played in a long time. Aside from that, the interview practice was helpful and so was the clinical skills afternoon. I really enjoyed taking blood from a plastic arm and the CPR races.

I’ve gained a lot of confidence and independence throughout the short time I was at the summer school. I learnt how to stay away from home and how to get back home again on my own, in a place where I know no one. I want to apply to medical school and will apply to Cardiff. I had a great time, and everyone was lovely, somewhere I can see myself living.

Everyone should go for it! You have nothing to lose, and it is a great experience. I have learnt lots of lessons from just the few days I was there. You meet people who you have more in common than you think and is a great way to experience university life before you go, with those in the exact same position as you.