Before attending the programme, I was initially worried about university and my own place within that world, in both a social and practical sense. But the programme eased those concerns instantly, demonstrating how easy it was to make friends with like-minded people and how university wasn’t this far off, quite hard to reach dream. The programme made applying for university a reality for me.

The highlight for me were the academic sessions. I was originally looking at applying at universities for an English course but experiencing cultural/language seminars and sessions opened my eyes to the possibility of studying a Joint Honours with French, altering my entire degree path and potentially my career path. The student ambassadors supporting the programme were extremely useful in getting the participants ready for socialising and making it feel like a family too.

I have gained so much from taking part in the Summer School at the University of Nottingham. Not only did it open my eyes to the possibilities of higher education, but it was my first insight into socialising with people from all over the country and being able to fully be myself. My confidence was boosted tenfold and my interest in university peaked. I also gained several friends!

My plans are not set in stone at the moment and I’m still considering a few paths. There’s the potential to continue in the academic world simply because I enjoy it so much – I have the Summer School to thank for that. Alternatively, I have been looking into voluntary and charity work, starting with some work for the Nottingham Refugee Forum.