Tell us about your experience at a Sutton Trust UK Summer School…

At first I was apprehensive about attending the summer school as I didn’t know anyone and I knew that I’d be in a completely different environment than I was used to. But after the first few hours at Warwick, filled with ice breakers and games I felt relaxed and more prepared.

The highlight of the week for me was by far the academic side, centred on the lasting impacts of the British Empire. I was exposed to challenging and intriguing concepts that I had never thought about prior to the summer school. My understanding of my cultural heritage/identity was strengthened and I left with a feeling of empowerment.

This experience was fuelled by the amazing people on the politics stream who created an environment where we all felt safe to share personal experiences and challenge each other’s way of thinking. From the personal statement workshop to living in university halls, my time at Warwick has enabled me to make well informed decisions about my forthcoming university options.

This opportunity provided me with an insight into life as a student which will hopefully better prepare me for the future. Overall meeting different people and engaging in so many awesome activities has left me feeling less apprehensive and more excited for university life.