Tell us a little bit about your background…

I am originally from Gujarat, India and my parents were born in Africa. My father moved to the UK when he was 7 but he was visually impaired so he did not have a good opportunity to learn or go to university. Similarly, my mother could not afford fees in Tanzania. Thus, I would be the first in my family to go to university.

What led you to apply for your programme and what was your experience like?

I applied to the Sutton Trust Summer School to literally experience a week of University life and to explore different subjects. Throughout the week, I have met so many new people and so many new cultures. I am from London and I will go back to London having learnt new Scottish words and the memory of ‘tatti scones’ and tablet.

Not only will I be returning with wonderful new memories but useful UCAS application tips, the support of the friendly staff and with an open mind about the subjects I experienced. The workshops and classes were also extremely useful. The lecturers were so passionate for their subject and it has made me want to work harder.

I studied Medicine on the summer school. I wanted to study Medicine since I was a little girl and I came to St Andrews with the mind-set that I if I couldn’t study Medicine, I wouldn’t complete my goal of helping people. However I left knowing that Psychology will also lead me places that I never imagined before. I left St Andrews knowing that there is always another path.

My thoughts on university have now changed. I used to think of university as a big, scary place with no support whatsoever, however my experiences on the Sutton Trust have made me realise that university is an extremely loving environment with incredibly compassionate and caring people. This makes my views on my future a lot more positive and I am excited about my journey to university.