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What you can do to support your students

Our Summer Schools are a fantastic opportunity for students to explore higher education to help them to make informed decisions about their futures. Teachers play a vital role at supporting us to reach eligible students from UK state schools and colleges. There are a number of key ways that you can do this:

Teacher Verification

Students are required to submit contact details for a teacher at their school or college who can verify the information provided on the application form. Nominated teachers will receive an email with instructions on how to verify a student’s application. Teachers will have until 5pm on Thursday 7th March 2019 to verify a student’s application. Any submissions after this date will not count.

There is also space on the verification form for teachers to outline any extenuating circumstances for a student (e.g. in care, suffered a bereavement during exams, etc.). The information teachers provide will be taken into consideration when universities make their decision.

We have a section dedicated to teachers in our Frequently Asked Questions so please have a read of this before contacting the Sutton Trust with any queries.