I have moved houses quite a few times since I was little but have lived in New Cumnock for around 10 years. We aren’t the richest but we get by. I applied for a UK Summer School because I heard about it from a friend.

Initially, I was a worried I wouldn’t be smart enough, because the Medicine summer school at Glasgow University involved discussing topics such as biochemistry and stuff which seemed really scary. I was also frightened I wouldn’t make any friends!

A highlight of the programme was getting to look more into studying Medicine at university and gaining valuable experiences. I also made a new friend, whom I am still talking to today.

During the summer school, I have gained new knowledge and more certainty into the area I want to study at university – it made me more determined to apply for the course at university. I also enjoyed learning online and the technology was really useful! It was very easy to navigate the Sutton Trust Online platform and once you’re used to it, it’s like second nature.

The Sutton Trust Summer School has impacted me because it made me even more certain that Medicine is what I want to study. I am keen to apply at Glasgow University and become a surgeon! Before the summer school, there were times where I doubted myself. However, completing the summer school removed all concerns.

If you’re considering to apply, definitely do it! It may seem nerve wracking at first, but at the end of the week, you’ll gain so many new skills, friends and experiences.