I am from Bradford and currently live with my dad and two younger brothers, my dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness a few years ago put a strain on the family and left me taking up a caring role.

I applied to the programme in order to experience life as a medical student as well as to confirm that this is what I wish to do in the future.

I was most worried about making new friends and meeting new people as I have anxiety about interacting socially. However, making friends came very easily as everyone that attended was extremely like minded and had similar goals! The social aspect actually became the highlight of the summer school.

Thanks to the programme, I have gained a vital insight into the life of a medical student. I now hope to apply to medical school and hopefully pursue a career in medicine.

To anyone unsure of applying, I would say: apply and take every opportunity that you are given as it may end up being one of the best opportunities you have!