Why did you apply for the programme?

I live in the countryside of Northern Ireland. I heard about the Sutton trust programme from one of my teachers and without any hesitation, I decided to apply for my relevant course in London. I applied for the programme as it appealed to me on many levels. I wanted to experience what university life is actually like- from accommodation, to studying, to meeting new people. I had read before applying that there was going to be lectures/talks about personal statements and UCAS applications which I felt I could benefit from attending as this could improve my chance of getting into a selective university.

Did you have any worries before attending the programme?

I was very nervous when the day for travelling came, it was my first time travelling on my own and I wasn’t sure if I would meet anyone else flying over with me. My nerves quickly settled when I was introduced to a group of girls also flying from the same airport, we got chatting and soon became friends. I was quite anxious about being in a totally different area with complete strangers, however, everyone was really nice and we all got along well.

What was your highlight of the week?

The highlight of the summer school was getting to experience university first hand. My view on any has changed in a more positive way as I attended lectures and classes hosted by people who are truly passionate about the subject, I worked in a team for a final project and presentation and met people from all around the UK. It was a great experience and enjoyed every part of it. I have gained a lot from attending the summer school such as knowledge on the application process, student support that is available, best practices when it comes to writing a personal statement and course details.

Not only have I gained knowledge but I have also became more confident in myself and my ability to work in a team environment. As part of my subject I also learned about artificial intelligence and machine learning. By the end of my week in the summer school I have also gained many new friends whom I remain in contact with today. The summer school is a great opportunity to see what options are available beyond your local area. It gives you the chance to travel to other places and explore the city as well as what the university has to offer. There is a lot to gain from attending a summer school and its an opportunity that should be taken