Neither of my parents or anyone in my family have been to university but it is my dream to be a doctor and I am applying to do medicine at university. I thought the programme would be a unique experience for me to see what university and Bristol would be like and ask questions! I also wanted to meet some other students applying for the same course and university so we could discuss our worries together.

I was scared I wouldn’t get along with people or that I’d be too shy to cooperate, but it was actually really nice and easy! Getting to talk to doctors and nurses about coronavirus from and being taught how to perform CPR and treat an acutely ill patient were real highlights for me.

I have gained so much confidence. Confidence that I want to study medicine at Bristol but also confident that i can make friends and get along with people in social situations.

The digital programme was a lot better than expected, due to the small amount of people in my group everyone was included and involved. I liked meeting current students as they made the application process seem a lot less stressful.

I plan to study medicine (hopefully at Bristol University) and become a GP in my future.

I would say definitely apply! Everyone makes you feel welcome and its an insightful experience. It’s made me far more confident with the idea of meeting new people at university and the concept of studying far away from home.