Why did you apply for the programme?

I am the eldest in my family and the first to apply for university for law. My parents are from Bangladesh and did not attend university, so I feel like I have to set the standards for my siblings! I applied for this programme because I didn’t have any knowledge of university life for a law student and no one in my life who could help me. I wanted to know if law was the right subject choice for me. And thanks to the programme, I can confidently say that it is!

What were your highlights of the programme?

I’m quite shy so at first, I was afraid that I would be alone. I soon found many people that felt the same way with so much more in common, so I ended up making a lot of friends! The highlights for me were all the social activities. They helped us all relax a bit and enjoy getting to know one another. I also enjoyed the academic sessions because I didn’t have much law knowledge, so I learnt a lot. I feel I have become a lot more confident in meeting new people and feel more confident in taking part in presentations.